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Winter Thoughts


Psalm 147:15-18
He gives a command to the earth, and what he says is quickly done. He spreads snow like a blanket and scatters frost like dust. He sends hail like gravel; no one can endure the cold he sends! Then he gives a command, and the ice melts; he sends the wind, and the water flows.



Around this time of year most people are sick of winter. We're sick of the short days, the lack of sunshine, the cold temperatures, and being forced indoors because of the horrible weather.


We must remember though that winter is a part of the good way that God has designed the world to function. In fact, there are several beneficial things that happen through the freezing and thawing of the land and vegetation. For instance, in winter, the land has a forced rest from being cultivated, giving soil time to regenerate its nutrients and moisture to be ready for the next planting season so that we can have food to eat. The ground recuperates its moisture content through the melting of the snow. Vegetation dies and regenerates, bringing about its seeds and spreading them across the land in order to reproduce.


God has designed winter to be exactly the way that it is, for his good purposes . If winter brings you down, remember that God is working in it and through it, and that it is actually a sign of his mercy and care for the earth and the people on it. Knowing that your Lord is at work - even in the bleakest days of the year - should help you reframe how you think about those short days and cold nights.

Burns Supper



Highlights from our recent Burns Supper.